Frankie is a happy and affectionate girl!
  Gender: Female    Age:  4 years old
Hi there! My name is Frankie (aka Aretha Franklin) and I’m a very affectionate 4-yr old, young-at-heart Natural Woman, who’s Daydreaming about the perfect family to show up and give me some Respect (and help me find my happy-ever-after). I’m willing to forgive anything and just want to be where-ever my hoomans are. I love nothing better than to play and give big hugs. I think I’d like to find a family with older kids who will share their love with me and play in the backyard, because I have loads of energy and love to play (seriously, in bouts, let’s not get carried away!). And there just ain’t no way I want to miss my walks! It’s the highlight of my day and I love soaking it all up and taking it in every new experience. I’m not so rock steady comes to meeting other large doggies in the park. I get a little scared-y and I tend to growl, but I don’t really mean it and I think I’ll grow more comfortable in time. I’m also not hugely fond of being left on my own in the backyard for stretches at a time, and until you come back to me, I do tend to fret a bit. But me and my foster-mum are working on that and I may prefer to be left inside (hey, like a hooman!) if you have to go out for a few hours. Want to be my my bridge over troubled water? I’ll say a little prayer it’s you! Yours sincerely, Frankie X If you would like to meet her call us on 0438 601 492 or 0408 951 931 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.