Hally is an affectionate and Gorgeous girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  11 years old

Beautiful Hally who has recently lost her furever friend Casey is a 11 year old greyhound cross who is looking for a forever home to spend her twilight years.

Hally and Casey were surrendered to us after their owner died and it was our wish for them to be kept together. We have a lovely update from her foster mum:

Hally is an affectionate girl who loves cuddles and attention from her humans. When Hally is happy to see you, she will ferociously wag her tail or thump it against the floor.

Her favourite spot is the couch, where she will happily sleep all day. When dinner time rolls around, she will track you down and use her big head to let you know it’s time for food!

Hally is wary of other dogs and would need slow introductions as she does not like them too close to her and her foster mum is helping her overcome her worries.

They are also working on her manners when she goes for a walk as she loves to smell everything and will dig her heels in until she is ready.

She’s getting better at giving her human attention when her name is called and responds well to love and praise.

Hally will also let you know if someone she doesn’t know is in the front garden.

This lovely girl is very food motivated, but will patiently wait for her food. She also loves peanut butter and can happily spend a few hours getting every last lick out of her Kong.

Hally will also play with toys and throw them around the lounge room when she’s in a playful mood.

If you would like to meet this sweetie and continue with her confidence training please give our adoption co-ordinators a call depending where you live:

Ellen North of the River 0408 951 931
Janey South of the Rive 0419 044 689