Johney is a loving & Affectionate boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  4 years old

Johney is a very loving, friendly and affectionate boy who is 4 years and 8 months old.
Johney has been in foster care over a month now and has adapted well to normal dog life.
He gets on great with his foster sister and loves to cuddle her.
Johney loves to play with his squeaky toys before bed at night and cuddle them.
He walks well on the leash, and is still a bit excited seeing other dogs and cats as it is all new to him, but over time he will get used to being around other dogs with slow introductions.
Johney has also been around young children and is very gentle…
This gorgeous boy has mastered the art of roaching very quickly because he loves tummy rubs!
Johney is a laid back boy and would make a great family dog especially if there is someone home most of the time or has another dog friend.
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