Maggie is an affectionate & lovely girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  3 years old

Beautiful three-year-old Maggie has only gone into foster care last Sunday. Here is an update on how she is going 😊

Maggie is a confident girl and is quite big for a female with a toned physique!

She is sharing her home with handsome boy greyhound Dodge who is a laid back boy and can deal with Miss Bossy Maggie! She loves her hooman brother Temba too ❤️

This lovely girl is full of enthusiasm and wants to give you lots of kisses and has a habit to jump up, which is being addressed by her foster family, she is very responsive to training and will stop if you say “ uh uh” She is also a bit of a counter surfer and again is responding to the word “NO”.

As everything is so new to her she has had a few accidents indoors but as time goes on this is getting less and less and she is doing better every day!

On her walks she has met a few dogs and she’s been very excited to see and meet them but she lets them know with a grumble if the dog gets up close in her space and is excitable – this girl likes to do things at her own pace.

She is still a little anxious at night if she can’t sleep close to her hoomans, so she stays in their room and sleeps all night.

The family think as it is early days, everything is so overwhelming for her and as time goes on, she will become more settled, and will understand this is her new life and where she is in the pack. She will make a very lovely companion.

She is already doing so well, a very affectionate girl who loves a cuddle.

If you think you might be the one to share her journey please give our adoption ladies a call depending where you live:

Ellen north 0408 951 931 and Janey south 0419 044 689 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.