Mars is a handsome & lovely boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

Mars is a handsome boy at 3yrs 10months; he is a black and white with small patches of gold colours. This lovely boy has a very waggly half tail.

Wow his family say that when this guy came into the house he like a wrecking ball but is really a very chilled out guy. He is fairly independent and is most content when flopped in the middle of a room while life goes on around him.

He is starting to go longer stretches without bathroom breaks (up to about 6 or 7 hours overnight with no accidents). He is great with the kids and is starting to show a very playful side. The kids are aged 4, 7 and 10.

Overall he seems quite low energy so episodes of playfulness are very short-lived. 

He has met a baby and small dogs and seemed not that interested in them, a quick sniff of the baby and he wandered off.

We have since found out that cats are not going to be his friends.

He is a quick learner and has stopped jumping on us when he is excited and learned very quickly to lay down to wait for food. 

He really seems like he could be suitable for most families though because he does not realise his size and is energetic when playing we think he would not suit a home with small children.

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