Max is a cuddly and affectionate boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  4 years old

Max or as he is affectionately known as Maxy is a handsome four and half year old silky black boy with white socks.
He is sharing he is foster home with another gorgeous female grey and they are fine together.

Here is a lovely update from his foster family:

He is a very wise calm boy who oozes affection and will come and lay his head in your lap for cuddles, he is such a cuddle pie!
He sleeps right through the night on his own bed in the living room and won’t disturb you until you get up in the morning.
Maxy is extremely intelligent and amazingly quick to learn the house rules, he responded from day one to clicker training, clicks to go to his bed, to stay, lay down waiting for his food to be put down, the same with treats. He even shakes his paw for the treats.
One thing like most Greys he loves food and will at any opportunity take food out that is left on the benches, so we have to be mindful to keep food out of his reach. He is good whilst you are eating and won’t hassle you but will wait patiently every hopeful on his bed!
He is good when having his food and is not possessive if you wish to remove the bowl and is happy to share with his foster sister.
Maxy is very trusting and nothing seems to faze him, and he does not seem bothered by loud sounds, even the vacuum does not worry him.
He is toilet trained and asks to go outside and only had one accident when he thought the Christmas tree was a tree to pee on! He likes being both in and outdoors.
Maxy loves human company very much, so would best suit a home where you are home a lot of the time and is included in the family activities. Maxy also loves kids and does not seem bothered by the noise that kids make.
He walks beautifully on the leash and even when he stops for one of many sniffs he still comes to you when you give a gentle tug on the leash that it is time to move on.
When he meets dogs of his own size or bigger he is very calm around them, though he has not had much exposure to smaller animals, though we can say he is definitely not cat friendly.
Maxy is happy with two 20 minute walks a day though if you miss one he is ok without it.
He enjoys going in the car on trips and happily jumps in ready to go and hops out easily too. He travels well on long trips.

Maxy is so adoptable and they believe he would fit in with a whole range of living situations with very limited training required.

If you want a big cuddly boy then Magnificent Maxy is for you, this beautiful boy has had some upheaval in his life but like most hounds he is a forgiving boy who is willing to please us humans. He just wants and deserves a kind, loving furever home, where he can spoil his people with love and show them what a good boy he is:

If you would like to know more about this gorgeous fella please give us a call on 0438 601 492 or 0408 951 931
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