Milo is a handsome & happy boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  4 years old

“Hi there!

My name is Milo, but my foster parents call me “Mr Milo” as I like to think I’m the boss of my little foster brother Dodge (who I actually love very much )
I’m a smart and loyal, sweet 4.5 year old boy.
If any of you believe in Zodiac signs, I’ve been told that I’m a typical Gemini – two personalities are better than one though hey!?
When I’m in the home with my foster parents I am an absolute angel! I don’t cause any trouble and I just sleep (and roach) quietly on my day bed or the couch, and I love to take a nap in the front courtyard in the shade where I can see all the comings and goings of the world. I especially love the front yard because then I can keep a close eye on whether my foster parents are leaving the house, which I get quite sad about when they do. I don’t like to be left on my own very often because it reminds me of my old life when I had no one to keep me company. I’ve realized that I love people so much, I just want to be with them all the time
If you do have to leave me, I feel better having another doggy friend around which makes me feel less lonely, but if you don’t have a doggy friend for me I will be fine as long as I’m not on my own too often. I eventually get used to it but I just need to be given patience, understanding and time to get used to your routine . I’m very smart so I think I can do it with your help!
I’m fully house-trained and I currently live with a little human who I believe is only 3.5years old. His parents make sure he doesn’t annoy or startle me so we have lived together very peacefully. I’d be fine to live with children just as long as they know not to bother me when I’m sleeping.
I loooove toys so much! Especially squeaky ones. I’ve learnt how to share with my foster brother but occasionally if there’s one I really like I prefer to keep it all the myself and foster mum makes sure we don’t fight over it.
I walk beautifully on the lead when out for a walk and don’t pull unless there’s a dog I really really want to see. Some days I can say hello to other dogs and I don’t care too much for them, but as a Gemini, I like to mix it up, and on other days I might be feeling a little bossy and tell them off for being too fluffy. One thing that doesn’t change though is my love for my own kind, I love other greyhounds so much so if you are looking for a second grey to join your clan I’m you’re man!
Well if you’d like to know more about my foster mum would love to tell you!

Love Milo ”

If you would like to meet this lovely boy or arrange a meet and greet, please call one of our adoption coordinators depending where you live.

Ellen North Coordinator 0408 951 931

Janey South Coordinator 0419 044 689