Minnie is a cute & gorgeous girl!
  Gender: Female    Age:  8 years old
Don’t be off-put by Minnie’s age at nearly 8 years young says her foster mum! Minnie is a very fit, active and lively 8 year old who surpasses Greyhounds younger than her in energy and stamina. Not to mention incredibly cute with her gorgeous “puppy paws” and “bat ears”!. She is currently living with her foster Greyhound brothers Tigger and Chubby, and enjoys hooning around and playing with them, walks, outings, soft squeaky toys, kisses and cuddles. Minnie seems to be fine with children, and small and “other breed dogs”. She is yet to be cat tested, but hasn’t shown any sign of being “reactive” to them whilst out walking. Minnie would suit being in a household with children who could play with her appropriately. A household with another playful dog would be a bonus.” If you would like to meet this gorgeous girl please give our adoption lady a call on 0438 601 492 or 0408 951 931 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.