Ralph is a happy & playful boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

Here is a great write up on this gorgeous boy from his foster family:

Ralph is a confident, curious and very affectionate 3 year old boy who makes everyone smile. 

He has settled in very well in his foster home and gets on well with 10 year old greyhound girl Gracie. He has a lot of energy (for a greyhound) and his carers think he only sleeps 18 hours a day instead of the regulation 20! He loves other dogs and for the first week was constantly wagging his tail at all the other black dogs he saw in mirrors and glass doors. He has the waggiest tail and will wag every time you speak to him or even just look at him. He loves a cuddle and will do a funny little dance if you scratch his back in just the right place.

Ralph has been busy learning everything about living in a house – following his carers from room to room and investigating everything they are doing. 

He will play fetch and he loves toys, especially the squeaky ones. He collects his toys and moves them from room to room without damaging them. He watches television, trying to find the sounds under and behind the TV screen. He will alert his carers to any strange noises in the backyard he would just want pats if he actually found a human! He enjoys lots of foods but will let you take it from him with no problem.

He amused his carers by trying to use the human toilet on several occasions but now realises this is not for dogs. He is able to hold on for long periods of time, and easily all night. 
He is friendly and tolerant of other dogs and children and has not reacted when a few smaller dogs have run up to him at the park barking aggressively. He shows a lot of interest in smaller dogs playing, but always with his tail wagging and vocalising as if he wants to join in. With careful introduction he should be fine with small dogs. He has not been cat tested but has seen cats on his walks and shows interest but again his tail is always wagging. 

Ralph is happy with one walk a day but would love two! He enjoys travelling in cars and heads to the garage at every opportunity in hope. He sleeps during the day while his carers are at work (spycam confirms this) and likes to sleep close to his carers at night. 

Ralph would be adaptable to a range of situations and could probably take a more high energy household than many greyhounds.

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