Ricky is a cuddly & gorgeous boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  4 years old

We have a lovely update from 4 year old Ricky’s foster family:
What can we say about Ricky? We just cannot keep it to ourselves how awesome he makes us feel when we get home from work! He hugs us with his looks, wags his tail as if it is a propeller.
He also brings his toys to us and is incredibly happy playing with them all! Ricky is a sook and will give a little cry every now and then to get out attention. It always works too!
And when we scratch his chest he roaches and stays comfortably on his bean bag. He is a smart boy and knows his boundaries: no access to furniture, kitchen or bathroom (although he does try and give us that look as if saying “just a little bit”).
We trust him so much that we can spend hours out and he just stays fine by himself inside the house. Walkie times are always fun and he loves it!
Gets a little bit excited in the beginning and then settles down – well you have to let your hoomans know you appreciate what they do for you!
Can’t blame him, we also love the outdoors. And he is great with kids! The boy loves a cuddle, and he knows the more love he gives, the more he will get back.
At this stage we would say he is not a fan of cats.
If you would like to meet this gorgeous boy please give us a call on 0438 601 492 or 0408 951 931
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