Shae is a sweet & gentle girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  10 years old

Shae is a greyhound X who is around 10 years old. Shae found herself in Narrogin pound twice last year, fortunately the 2nd time we were able to take her. Very little is known about Shae but it is clear she’s had a few litters and has lived outdoors free to roam much of her life. Shae loves being outdoors and loves her walks. Shae may be an old girl but she has incredible endurance, her foster carer has been taking her on 2 decent walks each day to keep her happy. Shae would definitely love a decent sized yard to hang about in. 
Shae has been living with a male greyhound and they get along fine. Shae has met many dogs on her walks and she was good with them. Shae is not fussed whether another dog is around or not, she’d be happy to live with another dog or as an only dog. There is a very good chance Shae is cat friendly but she is yet to meet another cat for her foster carer to determine this for sure. 
Shae has a sweet gentle nature. She loves her foster carer and follows her everywhere. She’s very affectionate and is always trying to get pats. Shae would be suited to a home where there are people around much of the time.

Shae is currently in season and due to her age our vet has recommended to wait several weeks for sterilisation. This means Shae will not be ready for adoption until mid February. We may consider adopting out Shae sooner if the adopters meet certain requirements. 

If you would like to know more about this sweet girl please give us a call on 0438 601 492 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.