Shazan is a happy & cheeky girl!
  Gender: Female    Age:  6 years old
Shazan is a beautiful 6 ½ year old and is enjoying life in foster care, her foster mum says she is now getting a bit cheeky and checking out the sofa! Shazan was a bit resistant to her foster brother Brodie a 2 year old labradoodle, as he was full on crazy puppy playing but has now got used to him and she loves it! She gets tired out quicker than the pup so we would say she would be ok sharing her home with another hound of a similar age. Shazan especially loves women and would be benefit having someone home some of the time as she is a bit anxious when they leave. Shazan walks beautifully on the lead and so far seems happy meeting dogs around her own size and smaller, she was a bit spooked by a big Rotti she met but calmed down and went over to say hello. She is house trained and will go to the door when she needs to go out! If you would like to know more about Shazan please call us on 0438 601 492 or 0408 951 931 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.