Summer is a little gorgeous girl!


Gender: Female    Age:  2 years old

“Little Summer”, as her Foster Mumma calls her, is  … little.  Coming in at a petite 23.3 kg, this dark brindle two year old girl is just the cutest.  Other nicknames her Foster Mumma call her include “Baby Girl”, “Puppy” and “Puppy Girl”.

When Summer first came into foster care, she was incredibly timid, and apparently was scared of men. In her current foster home, little Summer has just blossomed. 

Little Summer’s confidence has developed to the point where she happily goes on doggy excursions, plays with doggy toys, initiates play with other Greyhounds, other breed dogs, gentle laid back male humans, and her Foster Mumma.

Summer, apparently, loves balls and has learnt – without training – to bring them back to her Foster Mumma to throw.

Summer’s current Foster Mumma does not encourage Foster Houndies onto human beds and she has learnt that is one place she is not allowed to sleep unless mum says ok.

Hence Little Summer loves spending the night on her Foster Mumma’s bed, snuggled up to her Mumma, and her Foster Mumma admits that Little Summer makes a Greyt back warmer.  
Oh how they get around us!

Little Summer is also incredibly smart, and her Foster Mumma believes that Summer  would benefit from activities which would keep her smart mind active e.g. dog club, obedience training, therapy dog training etc…

Summer is “other dog breed” friendly, but not cat friendly.  

With a very careful introduction to a human family, she would be an excellent family member who would play happily with kids. 

Little Summer currently lives with two foster fur brothers Greyhound brothers Tigger and Benny.

And Summer’s Foster Mumma thinks that little Summer looks incredibly cute wearing pink accessories.

Summer’s Foster Mumma would adopt Summer in a heart beat, if Summer’s Foster Mumma’s personal circumstances changed. 

If you would like to meet this gorgeous little girl please call one of our adoption coordinators depending where you live Ellen north of the river 0408 951 931 or Lou south of the river 0404 238 331 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.