Teddy is a gorgeous and affectionate boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  6 years old

How gorgeous is Teddy who has been in foster care for three weeks.

Teddy is six and half years old and as his foster mum says “it is not hard to fall in love with his incredibly sweet and quirky nature” but it was really the ears that won us over.

He is a total dream at home. Whilst he enjoys his own company and the comfort of his squeaky toys he much prefers to be around people.

He is extremely affectionate and has started giving us little kisses this last week which we LOVE. He doesn’t mind being left home alone, although he can be sooky at first, he has shown no signs of stressed behaviour.

We think he would be best in a home with someone home some of the time or a family with older children who understand that Teddy needs his own space when sleeping, as he can sleep startle if woken suddenly and that can become really scary for him.

Even though Teddy will want to come up on the couch and sleep with you on your bed, he is happiest in his own bed.

Teddy needs a confident owner so we think he would be suited for someone who has experience with large dogs and can show strong leadership so he feels safe, as he is a bit of a worrier, but with time and reassurance these issues can be sorted.

We will miss him so much but he deserves a forever home where he will continue to be loved for being his special self.

If you would like to discuss this handsome boy further please call one of our adoption coordinators.

Depending where you live:

Ellen north 0408 951 931
Janey south 0419 044 689 or message us on Facebook or e-mail us.