Tom is a handsome & happy boy!


Gender: Male    Age:  3 years old

Tom is a very loving 3 ½ year old boy and wants to be in to everything that is going on says his foster mum.

He’s gentle when hand fed and will wait his turn for his bit with my girls.

He can be a little food protective with humans with his bowl or treat but we think it’s because he loves the new food so much!!

Tom sleeps all night long 10pm – 6.30am and has never had an inside accident over night. He does still have occasional accidents during the day though and hasn’t quite mastered heading outside, though he is improving every day and is much better than when he first arrived.

Tom is lovely on lead, when he sees other dogs running he does want to join in but very quickly calms and walks on. He hates to leave the park and has to be lifted into the car!

He is still working out what the small fluffies are all about and we can confirm he is not going to be friends with those cats!

Tom is being fostered with his litter mate Anna and his foster mum has no doubt he’s going to be a peach just like her.

He is very calm and relaxed most of the time and is a sweet inquisitive boy. He likes toys and loves to collect anything he can – but never chews.

Tom will bark even when we are all going off to school/work but this stops quickly and I believe in time will stop. He just is so excited he wants to come along.

His foster mum adds “I love this doggo and would keep him in a minute if he liked cats”. Because his tail has been docked, it looks so damn cute wagging away when he’s happy.

If you would like to meet this lovely boy or arrange a meet and greet, please call one of our adoption coordinators depending where you live.

Ellen North Coordinator 0408 951 931

Lou South Coordinator 0404 238 331