Dexter the Assistance Dog

Dexter (Storm) was adopted by Jackie about 18 months ago when he was two years old. Jackie is legally blind but is still able to walk with Dexter’s help he is a real character but very gentle with Jackie as he seems aware that she needs help. Because of her devotion to Dexter, Jackie has made provisions for Dexter to go to close friends if anything happens to her. Jackie says that Dexter has changed her life. He has given her a reason to get up each day as well as giving her the confidence and independence to go out with him. He is the perfect companion for her as he is placid and so easy to look after. He is naturally clean and has a wonderful personality.
Jackie says that when walking Dexter one day, he stopped dead and would not move. Jackie then realised that she would have fallen into an unmarked hole in the ground if Dexter had not stopped her. He also waits till the road is clear before leading Jackie across the street. He has had no training for this; she cannot imagine life without Dexter.
Jackie is a strong advocate for the Greyhounds.

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