Noodle & Muffin

Gender: Noodle(F) Muffin(M)

Age: 7 years old

Noodle & Muffin are a gorgeous duo that need either a foster home or a furever home due to a change in the owners circumstance. This beautiful pair will be at the Kyilla event at the weekend if you would like to meet them.

Noodle is goofy girl who loves squeaky toys, zoomie spins and being rugged up in a blanket. Shes adventurous and curious, but loves a lazy day in too. Her favourite things are belly rubs, your bed and a nice warm spot in the sun.

Muffin is all legs and no grace. A handsome boy who is cuddles personified. Muffins favourite things are blankets, cuddles and carrot. Youll always find him just wherever you are, looking at you with soulful eyes waiting for another kiss on the head.


please call Toni 0438 601 492

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